See Yourself Differently with Tucson Boudoir Photos

See Yourself Differently with Tucson Boudoir Photos

One of my main hopes for any boudoir session is that YOU are doing this for YOU and that, as a result, you will see yourself differently with Tucson Boudoir Photos. Be empowered. See yourself in a different light. Realize that you truly ARE beautiful – even with your post-baby body, your “just turned 50” smile lines, or your scars and stories. I want to show you – with lighting, posing, proper clothing choice, angles, crops, and a little bit of Photoshop, that you are sexy, you are a bombshell, you are a diva (in a good way) and you can turn heads. In the studio, with my guidance, we’ll create a softer side to help you See Yourself Differently with Tucson Boudoir Photos. But we’ll also create a more glamorous, dramatic, bold side. We’ll use black or dark backdrops, shaping and hard edged light, making the shadows work in your favor. Below you can see samples of the softer side. The perfect look for your bridal boudoir vibe, the sweeter feel of white backdrops, fur and sheets, the more filtered, softer light. These all have their place and purpose. But I like to mix it up! I also want to bring out the dark side (the force will still be with you) and let that also show you off in the best light. So if you’re a bride looking to surprise your person with a pre-wedding gift (PS I also do wedding photography!) or someone celebrating a special birthday or a weight loss, or a promotion at work, or you just landed your dream job, or you finally are free of that awful relationship, or you just want a boost, maybe now is the time to book a boudoir session with Photography by Jacquelynn and I’ll help you see yourself differently with Tucson Boudoir Photos.

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