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“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my experience with you! You really made me feel so comfortable when meeting with me and then taking my pictures. I now totally understand why you take these photos to boost women’s confidence. You truly know how to make someone feel special! And, all of your little personal touches make it all the better!”

“Today I stepped out of my comfort zone! I did something I have been dreaming about doing for years. A gift I always wanted to send my husband of 11 years, as he is away serving our country. I just never felt comfortable with my body and figured I would never be comfortable having someone photograph me in this intimate manner.

The minute I walked up to the door I knew I had picked the right photographer. There was an inviting hanging sign with my first name on it saying “welcome”. Right then & there I knew Jacquelynn was going to make today about me! I am a mother of 3 small children and a military spouse, there is rarely a day about me. As she opened the front door immediately I felt the caring and warmth from her. It was as if I was at home and had known Jacquelynn forever.

The way she conducts herself is completely professional but at the same time makes you feel so comfortable. She gave her complete undivided attention to me and my wants and dreams. She took the time to listen, guide me in what would look good together, and what would be flattering to my body.

The more in depth we got into the Real Women Session I felt so free and relaxed. I started to look at my body as a beautiful thing. The feeling of embarrassment & self-doubt was just a fast fading memory.

As I sit back and reflect on my day I realized I gained a ton of self-confidence after my session. Jacquelynn has given me this gift & the beautiful moments she photographed will last a lifetime for my husband & me.”
{Lady E}


“I have been trying to talk myself into having photos taken to send to my husband while he’s deployed.  I would sit and come up with all my imperfections and why I should NOT have the pictures taken.  We moved to GA about 10 months ago and the dreaded deployment is here again and I started thinking about the pictures yet again.  I’m a mother of 3 amazing children and have lost 75lbs but still couldn’t think of myself as “pretty” or “sexy” enough to do these pictures.  I started asking around and Jacquelynn Buck came highly recommended! The minute I saw her work I was hooked.  I kept looking at other photographers websites and such but I couldn not get Jacquelynn Buck’s photography work out of my head.  So I took the plunge and booked the session. From the very first time I spoke with Jacquelynn on the phone I knew I made the right choice.  The day of the shoot I was so nervous, but once I started I forgot about all my insecurities and LOVED every minute of the session. Jacquelynn made me feel so welcome and comfortable that I didn’t want to stop taking pictures. Jacquelynn is AhhhMazing.  She made me feel so welcome and like I had an old friend taking my pictures.  She could not be more professional and at the same time inviting and friendly.  When I saw my pictures for the first time I wanted to share them with the world, hang them on my bedroom wall etc….I LOVED them.  I saw myself differently than I ever had before.  I can be pretty or sexy even with my imperfections. I can’t thank Jacquelynn enough for the gift she has given myself and my husband. I’ll use Jacquelynn for all my photography needs as long as I live in GA!!  She is simply amazing, I felt like I had known her for years and could just sit on her sofa and talk and have coffee.  I’m beyond pleased with her work and professionalism!  She goes above and beyond and you can’t find a better photographer!”
{Amy} 2012


“I can’t say enough great things about my Real Women experience. I first contacted Jacquelynn about doing a Real Women session as a gift to my future husband. I never would have believed that the gift would end up being more for myself than him. During the session Jacquelynn made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. I actually felt sexy. At no point did I feel insecure about my extra curves and problem zones, even after having made a point to alert her of them in our emails. She kept my needs and concerns at the front of her mind the entire time. Honestly, by a few minutes in I had completely forgotten that I was prancing around in my underwear! A few days later, as we looked at the photos together, I felt like a new woman. As a woman that has dealt with body image issues since middle school, I was literally speechless and on the verge of tears as I looked at the beautiful images Jacquelynn captured. I. Looked. Beautiful. I feel such a sense of self confidence and self worth that I didn’t even know I had in me. I can’t wait for our wedding morning when my fiance’ opens his book and get’s a sneak peak for later that night 😉 Thank you Jacquelynn for helping me to find the real ME.”
{Lady J} 2012


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