Real Women has been for me an explosion of purpose. A chance to understand that what makes each of us unique – what makes life, people, the world, the journey unique – is worth capturing. What is unique is beautiful – even that which some might consider an imperfection, a slight on a normally clean surface, a bump in the road. I believe the imperfections are the point. It’s what makes us who we are. Embrace the imperfections. Memorize the way. Be beautiful, just as you are.

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I am a: full-time, totally enamored Pro photographer {#dreamlife}, Foodie {#sotasty}, wine-lover {#drinkme}, travel junkie {#takemethere #morethanonce} + coffee addict {#wakemeup}

I am a: philosophical, introspective dreamer and an energetic, outgoing, dynamic do-er.

I write {travelblog} when it moves me. I love to cook. I adore rooftop bars {#viewfromthetop} and look for one in every city I love, live and travel to. I am obsessed with quotes. Fresh flowers make me happy.

Photography makes me smile. Sometimes in that shy, delighted, just meeting someone kind of way. Sometimes in that broad ear to ear grin kind of way. Still. And hopefully always. This is a world that I belong to that I embrace fearlessly, distinctively, with just a touch of sparkle and a little bit more than a little bit of sass.

Yes, I own a boutique portrait and wedding studio, and have for 9 years. And yes, it is business {#hardwork}, but it’s also a love affair. A journey. A surprise around every corner. A connection with the unexpected. An opportunity to meet with people who share my drive. A chance to explore the sides of me that are vibrant, bold, colorful. An ever-shifting balance between what is unique and ordinary, simple and complex, real and imaginary. Photography is a challenge. And a delight. And it was a fork in my road, the path less traveled, but the one I’m glad I chose. This is my story. And the story continues because I don’t just do it. I teach it. To be inspired and to inspire, to seduce and be seduced. This is the heady thought that wakes me up every morning, that reminds me that today…today and every day… I get to do what I love. And pass that on to others.

{more of the me you maybe didn’t know}

I might have mentioned that I am a foodie. I plan my vacations around the dining options and will gladly invest in an over the top meal at any moment.

If it’s the light of day and you can’t find me, look for me in a patch of sunshine. I’m either eating my lunch, keeping connected on my indispensable iPhone, or simply sitting, face turned up to the sky.

If night has fallen and you can’t find me, look for me on a rooftop bar with a killer view that serves oaky buttery chardonnay, old vine zins, or soft Pinot Noirs.

Travel is my drug of choice. Take me anywhere and I’ll embrace it with open arms, camera slung over my shoulder. I will pay more for a room with a view.

I believe in God and the promise of purpose in my life.

I love popcorn – the crunchy, fresh, hot, real-butter kind.

I love coffee more. Dark, sweet, a dollop of cream. It’s my morning mantra. My sweet addiction. My dose of caffeinated goodness wrapped up in a routine that I don’t want to walk away from. I grind the beans myself.

Bring me fresh flowers and you have my heart : )

I do not like bugs. Therefore I do not like to camp. If there were no bugs I would like to camp. I do love the smell of campfires though. And S’mores. And the sound – the crackle in the dark of the night.

I get cranky when I am hungry. Feed me now or lose me forever.

I am the oldest of five. And there is a 14 year age gap between me and my youngest sib.

I love the vibe and energy of the city – offer me glitz and glamour, join me for a glass of wine, share a fabulously fancy dinner with me and conversation on a rooftop patio with a view of the skyline; but then take me away to wide open spaces: High desert, rolling hills, waving golden wheat, majestic mountains and the endless possibilities they promise. I want them both.

I have a dream board. A vision. A jam packed goal for the future. And I will achieve it.

I am a retail therapy addict who is most fervently attracted to White House, Black Market. My closet bears the burden well.

I was raised on cheese steaks & Tastycakes, but also on Broadway plays, summers at my grandmother’s pool, raspberry picking in the field behind her house, fifty cent romance novels bought at the library book sale, and fall color that decorates the worlds in shades of pumpkin, cinnamon, gold and ocher.

I’ve always wanted to change the world. I’ve always wished I could help people. So every day, in little ways, I try to involve myself in things that don’t benefit me first. I don’t often talk about them, because I feel to do so is not in the spirit of the deeds. But it’s a very large part of who I am and why I do what I do.

I am an entrepreneur. It’s in my genes. Don’t believe me? Follow your dreams to Toby’s Cup

I sleep with the windows wide open even when it rains. I love the sound and smell of it as it blows in on an overnight storm. It lulls me under.

I am determined beyond measure. If I say I am going to do it, it’s as good as done.

My favorite question: “what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

I am a voracious reader. If it strikes my fancy, I can finish it in a day, no matter the length. Maybe two.

I have lived in 7 different states.

I have worked as a nanny (read: babysitter), a lab assistant, a short order cook for Toby’s Cup Hot Dog Stand, a file clerk for a Gastroenterologist, a checkout clerk at Happy Harry’s drugstore, and a public health evaluator – all before becoming a photographer who dabbles in graphic design. My undergrad degree is in biology with minors in philosophy and medical humanities. My masters degree is in public health. I rocked philosophy, logic class was an “ah ha” moment for me, I hated organic chem and physics and I loved environmental health science. The places I have been have taken me to this place.

If my style and personality resonate with you, we might be the perfect fit! Sessions with me are a lot of fun – I promise – but they also require some time. I want to spend time with you – getting to know you, photographing you as you are: as a family, as an individual, as a couple. Yes, I know that everyone likes one or two “look here and smile” pictures. But I love the candid captures, the impromptu deviations from the norm, and the moments where I capture you looking at him or her looking at the child with no pre-planning or posing. That’s me.


Tucson-based, trending in Tucson, Phoenix and Southern CA, but born and raised in Easton, Pennsylvania, experienced in international and national destination wedding s and portraits as well!  I have lived in NC, SC, PA, VA, DC, DE, CA and OH, GA and now AZ. But the good news is that no matter where I live, I always go back to where I’ve been. So don’t let distance keep you from contacting me. I’ve done portraits up and down the east coast, across the nation and even in Europe.




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  • AngelaJanuary 26, 2016 - 9:16 pm

    Hello, I came across your beautiful photos and have been thinking of doing a boudoir shoot for my husband. I’m interested in learning more. Can you send me your prices and when you are in Tucson please.
    Thank you!

  • AngelaJanuary 26, 2016 - 9:17 pm

    i just sent you an email but realized my email address was wrong here is my correct one.

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