the inspiration

The Inspiration

Too many times I’ve heard from myself and other women: “I wish I could change my body. If only I could… lose weight, be more muscular, have a smaller waist, have slightly smaller breasts have slightly larger breasts not have stretch marks not have freckles have freckles have it all.” As a woman this resonated with me. As a public health educator this bothered me. As a photographer I wanted to do something about it.

At my core, I believe every woman is beautiful – just as she is. And while I do not neglect that change is sometimes necessary for health and wellbeing, I seek to help women recognize that we must do honor to our bodies, the only ones we have, by not forcing them to live up to unhealthy and unrealistic standards. Instead, we should appreciate our bodies for what they are – the road map of our lives, laid out in lines, planes, angles and curves – a terrain worth traversing and certainly worth celebrating.

And so the Real Women concept was born

Using light, shadows, flattering poses, sexy clothing, fabrics, and creativity, I photograph women of all shapes, sizes, ages… women who may need a new perspective on their bodies, or perhaps have a very sound relationship with their bodies and just want to be photographed to mark a time in their lives that will be worth looking back on. But wherever she is at, I hope that the woman who comes to me leaves with an altered, more positive, perspective.

My hope is to inspire confidence, improve self esteem, and allow women an opportunity to celebrate their beauty. If I can do that, then perhaps, one woman at a time, this message of empowerment – the message of the real woman – will become louder, clearer, until it is heard by our daughters and granddaughters who might then become stronger, more confident, for it.

Why Real Women?

I have a master’s degree in public health and a passion for photography and graphic design. I have long tried to find a way to combine these fields. About the time I was thinking this through, a friend of mine who underwent many years of healing to overcome a failed marriage and a low self esteem came to me with the desire to be photographed. She wanted to celebrate her achievements in a positive and sensual way. This was a huge step in her healing process.

Our photo session was phenomenal for both of us and I became motivated by this success  – this might, I thought, be something. It might be the way to combine my health education degree with my photography; to do all I could with my camera and some creative lighting to help women to see that they are beautiful, just as they are.

Interested in seeing more images from Real Women sessions? Then visit:

Please know that each and every image is used with absolute permission. At the heart of this concept is respect -– respect for self and my respect for the women who are brave enough to take this step. I do honor to them by allowing them to choose which images, if any, are posted for the public.

Real Women Photography is a copyrighted term and a registered trademark. Please do not use without permission.

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