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One of the most brilliant things about attending photography conferences is meeting like-minded people  – people who are creative, savvy, and beautiful inside and out. They, however, always have their cameras and so are rarely the ones being photographed. They know what it’s like to be me. : ) But what that also means is a photography conference is an amazing opportunity to convince that same fellow photographer to let you photograph them (though it does tend to take more convincing since we’re so used to being behind the camera that being in front of it causes mild paralysis and the instant need for more wine.) But I cannot tell you how much fun I have had photographing with other photographers, just for the sake of doing what I love best – running around Las Vegas or New Orleans or wherever, being snap happy and not feeling like a geek with my camera sitting right next to my martini.

What, you ask, might this have to do with my lovely Las Vegas Lady? Everything. Because she is a fellow photographer who I offered to capture as a special gift to her husband in February (yes, I am a bit behind in my blogging) when attending WPPI in Las Vegas. I used her hotel room and a few techniques I had just learned thanks to a class we had attended together, and in the end it was a stellar shoot – not just because of location and light, but because she was lovely and poised and so willing to have fun with something she didn’t come to Vegas planning to do. Thanks girlfriend! You’re sexy and you know it!

; )

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  • JennAugust 28, 2012 - 8:35 pm

    Jacquelynn you are fabulous! She made me feel completely comfortable and now I can totally empathize with my own clients! Plus my hubby loved the book! Highly recommended! Ladies take control and be sexy even if you never think you are!

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