Lady C {Angel} Tucson Boudoir Photos

“It is in herself she will find the strength she needs” Tyler Knott Gregson

Tucson boudoir sessions can be super empowering for the women who do them. Of course it’s great to have amazing, sexy photos of yourself to share with someone you love, but more than that it’s about doing the session for yourself, for what it brings to your self esteem and perhaps how it helps you see yourself as beautiful just as you are. Because you. are. beautiful. And strong. And wonderful.

Lady C had ideas… many of them. She was celebrating a banner birthday, and getting out of a difficult situation, and starting over. And this is her story, but it’s also the story of so many of the women who choose to do boudoir sessions. Many of the women who do boudoir sessions have stories, and scars, and see themselves through lenses that are not often clear, and I hope that for this moment in time I can help create a different point of view, a clearer one, that tells the next story.

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  • […] It used to be we’d think of boudoir for that new bride-to-be, something for her significant other as a gift on their wedding day or first anniversary. Yes! That is definitely still something I do. But I also want you – Tucson boudoir photography for women over 40 is a thing, and I am here for it. Because women over 40 have a story to tell that is different than a woman in her early 20s. A woman over 40 has a few more scars, a few more stretch marks, a few more pounds to lose, a few more demons to fight, and maybe even a marriage that has been a little stale in the bedroom for a while and could use some spicing up. A boudoir session isn’t a miracle worker, but it actually is an incredibly empowering experience that can help us see ourselves through different eyes, and realize that we are truly beautiful and photo-worthy just as we are. […]

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